Thursday 17 March 2016

Win7 clean installs - fixing Windows Update breakage

For the second time in recent months, I did a clean install of Win7 x64
Enterprise and got a solid hang in Windows Update.

First one was the "RTM" version.  That hung in WU after installing SP1.
Second one was the "SP1" patched version.  That hung in WU straight away.

In each case, Windows Update hang when looking for updates, with 100%
CPU use (fan on full).

Turns out this is fixed by rebooting (to get rid of the WU stuck
processes), then installing KB3102810 from MS via a Google search (*).

(*) You will need to install Firefox or Chrome first, because the MS
website doesn't support the MSIE version in Win7 SP1.

UPDATE: Ben P commented: Martin, there’s a lot of sh!t google results out there, but this is the only one which works end to end:  This is slightly different to what you’ve got in your blog but… meh J
How can Microsoft keep on breaking this stuff? How do they expect consumers to keep their computers patched if the patch manager breaks on a clean install? Grrr!

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