Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Fix: Windows 10 update stuck at 0% via HTTP Proxy

My new network requires my Windows 10 PC to sit behind an HTTP Proxy.  Normally this is no problem - the proxy settings configured in the browser just work - but sometimes the Windows Update process gets stuck at 0%.  Maybe there's a race condition.

      netsh winhttp set proxy proxy-server=""
from an elevated command prompt, where is your Proxy server IP

Sunday, 14 April 2019

FIXED! MacOS 10.14.4 Update Breaks Gmail in Apple Mail

Like many Mac users, after taking an automatic update to 10.14.4 in early April 2019, my dad found that Apple Mail could no longer send or receive mail on a Google Mail account. 

The messsage "Google requires completing authentication in Safari" kept popping up when Mail was opened.  That took you to a Safari GMail login session - but that failed to work, even with the right password, so it went round and round in an endless loop...

I managed to fix it via the following steps:

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Fix for SSH login takes 90 seconds!

So...  We type:

ssh user@host.example.com

and it hangs for ages before it lets you log in.

On older distros, you got a delay of around 30 seconds unless you set UseDNS=No in /etc/ssh/sshd_config but that's the default on recent OS installs e.g. Ubuntu Server 18.04.

I had a different problem... The DNS for host.example.com had both A and AAAA records, and somehow IPv6 was taking precedence over IPv4 - despite my machine having no working IPv6 route.  This led to a login delay of around 90 seconds before it finally fell back to IPv4.


ssh -4 user@host.example.com


SCP the config from a Cisco ASA

The syntax you're looking for is:

scp user@myfirewall.myfqdn.com:system:running-config myfirewall.txt

Or indeed:

scp user@myfirewall.myfqdn.com:system:startup-config myfirewall.txt