Sunday 9 February 2020

FIXED: Ford Focus engine won't stop when switched off - and loud clicks from one loudspeaker

In case it helps anyone else... Here's how I fixed two weird faults that had appeared at the same time on my wife's 2013 Ford Focus Mk3, which is a 1.0 EcoBoost UK version.

The faults were:-

1. The engine didn't stop when the ignition key was switched off. It kept on running smoothly (not like the rough "dieseling" you sometimes get when you switch off an old car with a messed up carburettor). The rev counter stopped working, and I could hear a component shut off (probably the fuel pump), but the engine kept running, and responding to the throttle.

2. A loud clicking noise was coming from the driver's door loudspeaker (even though the stereo was switched off).