Thursday 15 January 2015

FIX: Ubuntu 14.04 Software Updater hangs with message "Querying Software Sources"

Had this problem today. Fixed after some head scratching ....

Hanging with that message suggested that the Ubuntu machine couldn't see the Internet.  But browsing with Firefox, and pinging hosts from the command line, all worked perfectly.

No proxy was necessary, and indeed no proxy was set System Settings / Network / Network Proxy.   Also, there were no proxy environment variables set: that is, env | grep -i proxy gave no output.  All good...

It turned out that the file /etc/apt/apt.conf contained some proxy definitions specific to APT (the package manager that the Software Updater uses), for an office network that I sometimes connect to.  I'm sure that I didn't enter those lines!   Deleting them fixed the problem. 

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