Friday 9 July 2010

iPhone 4 Frustrations on T-Mobile UK

Finally got my iPhone 4 (unlocked from Apple). Having sold my iPhone 3G to my sister (who is now using it on T-Mobile), I'd been reduced to using an appalling old Motorola, so I was keen to get going with the new phone, mainly because texting on the Motorola is pretty tedious. Only problem being lack of a Micro SIM....

T-Mobile support say they don't have any Micro SIMs yet. Very frustrating! The iPad and iPhone were announced months ago, so this seems poor.

T-Mobile doesn't officially support iPhones yet, but of course everything just works (on the SIM Only £15 tariff) except for Visual Voicemail, which is easily replaced with the free Hushmail service. You have to wonder whether T-Mobile is holding back releasing Micro SIMs until they've got Visual Voicemail working.

I resorted to cutting down my SIM card very carefully - the cut goes alarmingly close to the gold pads. This worked, but it's hard to cut accurately by hand, and the phone sometimes says "No SIM Card". I've resorted to adding a sticky label to the SIM carrier to try to hold it in the right place.

In the hope of a more permanent solution, I've ordered a Micro SIM cutting machine plus several free T-Mobile PAYG SIMs. Hopefully T-Mobile support will be able to swap my pay-monthly account to a PAYG IMSI once I've cut it to size.

UPDATE: In fact, you can't move a pay-monthly T-Mobile account onto a PAYG SIM card. But the problem was easily fixed by visiting a T-Mobile shop and paying them £10 for a new SIM card. The new SIM card was instantly set up with my existing phone number, and the Micro SIM cutter made quick work of chopping it down to the right size. Problem solved.

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  1. See my post about enabling tethering on T-mobile network. Maybe of use.


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