Thursday 13 May 2010

Askozia PBX 2.0: Fix for IAX trunk not working

I'm running a free Asterisk appliance image on a Soekris NET5501 low-power embedded computer.  So far so good: it's simplicity itself to set up (just copy the image to a Compact Flash card and boot).

I have an IAX trunk up to my service provider, plus a Linksys SPA3000 SIP ATA and an IAX softphone (Loudhush) on the Macbook.  Call quality over ADSL is far better than analog voice or cellphones.

Just one gotcha when upgrading from the previous release: the IAX trunk appeared to connect but didn't pass calls through.  This turns out to be due to a new security feature in recent Asterisk releases.   To fix this, login to the HTTP GUI and enter some manual attributes:-
        Manual Attributes

If your firewall doesn't block access to 4569/udp from untrusted networks, you probably want to read up on how to secure these settings properly.

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